Political Risks

Havrico Insurance places contractual cover for Political Risks, protecting your assets against:

  • Damage from war, terrorism, civil unrest, strikes and riots
  • Expropriation or confiscation of assets by authorities

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Political risks are a big concern when you maintain stocks or assets in a location where political stability is not guaranteed. Risks of war, strikes, riots, civil commotions, confiscation, nationalisation and license cancellation can have severe adverse consequences on your business.

Why an insurance?                  

The current state of geopolitical uncertainty is driving up demand for political risk insurance. Global corporations increasingly expand their businesses into emerging markets where eventual economic or social instability could disrupt their business plans, which makes political risk insurance a necessity. Furthermore a cargo insurance does not provide cover for the risks of war on land.

Our solution                            

Havrico Insurance offers insurance solutions that protect both the foreign investments that companies make and their assets overseas. We provide our clients with own expertise and access to external intelligence. 

Some of our products

Political Violence: cover against the Risks of War (War, Civil War, Revolution, Rebellion, Insurrection, Coup d’Etat), Mutiny, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions, Malicious damage & Terrorism. 

Political Risks: cover against the Risks of Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalisation & Deprivation; Forced Abandonment, Licence Cancellation, etc...

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