Cargo Insurance

Havrico Insurance provides specialised coverage for:

  • Transit risks (marine, air and inland) 
  • Storage risks 
  • War, strikes, riots, civil commotions and terrorism risks

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Cargo insurance covers physical damage to, or loss of your goods:

  • While being transported by any means of transport anywhere in the world
  • During loading and unloading operations as well as transhipments
  • Storage (before, during and after transportation)

Why an insurance?

During long voyages, your goods are exposed to many risks and great stresses such as the extensive moving and shifting of the vessel, acts of God, rough handling in terminals, contamination, heating and sweating, shortages, theft and non-delivery. These are only a few of the many perils that may harm your cargo.

Many cargo owners believe that the carriers will pay for all losses and damages, but they are misinformed. Laws and applicable conditions of carriage limit the liability of the carriers. In many cases the carriers are not responsible for losses which are unforeseeable and beyond their control. 

Your goods which are stored in warehouses or on terminals are liable to be affected by pilferage, fire, rodents and other vermin, flooding, etc.

Our solution

Havrico Insurance provides tailor-made insurance policies for any kind of cargo, in any part of the world and for a wide range of commodities, in bulk or in container, such as:

  • Grains, rice, flour, cocoa, coffee, oils, minerals and fertilizers, etc.
  • All kinds of foodstuffs: frozen meat, vegetable oils, seafood, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and all kinds of beverages
  • Timber and by-products
  • Chemicals
  • High value goods: pharmaceuticals, high-tech equipment and electronics
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous products, machinery and project cargo
  • Consumer goods: textiles, toys, kitchen and tableware, furniture,…
  • Fine art, specie & jewellery

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